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Durban, South Africa

Master Plan Includes

  • FITE – Finningley Institute of Technology and Ecology
  • An airport & related industrial sites
  • Race track & related industrial sites
  • Light industrial areas
  • Commercial facilities and shopping centers
  • Integrated community villages
  • Agricultural areas
  • Leisure sites including hiking, biking, hotels, nature conservation areas
  • High value residential real estate

UrbanAmerica is a General Partner in an integrated green city on the south coast of the Ethekwini municipal area. In order to create an urban design framework that is in line with Finningley’s ethos, six basic principles will be utilized in planning the 66,000 acre city. These six basic principles ensure sustainability, enhance the site’s intrinsic advantages, address disadvantages, and maximize development returns; thus benefiting the landowners, developers, local users and the region as a whole.