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Harlem RBI & Dream Charter School

New York, NY


Market: New York, NY

Type: School/Education

Project Cost: $40 Million

New Market Tax Credit Investment: $6 Million

Job Creation: 245 program-related jobs


Project Case Study

Harlem RBI (HRBI) provides year round after school, summer and school day programming to more than 1,000 East Harlem children annually. HRBI opened in 1991 as a summer baseball/ softball program. Today, HRBI provides formal academic and social work support, including individual and family counseling, sports/recreation opportunities and physical and sexual education for youth ages 5-25. In 2008, HRBI opened DREAM Charter School.

At full enrollment in 2015, DREAM Charter School will provide 450 students with a full K-8th grade education. All Dream Students also participate in HRBI’s Comprehensive academic, enrichment, social services, sports, and health programs to provide a holistic and transformative experience for East Harlem youth.

The project entails the development of a new 54,000 sq. ft. DREAM charter School and 60,000 sq. ft. Harlem RBI Offices. The school facility will seat 450 students, K-8th Grade. It is located in a “severely distressed” census tract on land within George Washington Public Housing Complex. The project is conveniently located in a community facility component of a mixed use facility including 89 affordable housing units & a 25,000 sq. ft. park space.