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Richmond McCoy – Your Word, Your Currency! [Video]

Richmond McCoy – Your Word, Your Currency! [Video]

Your word is valuable! Talking points

  • Your Word is Your Currency
    • Are you a person of your word?
    • Are you credit worthy? Insurance, jobs, relationships
    • How important is your credit? If your credit and word is good you will have a lower cost of living.
    • Recreate your agreements – It is your word that matters.
    • What happens when your word fail? Lost opportunities, public faith, revenues decrease, values decline.
    • Your dream depends on your word. Protect your word.
    • Evaluate your associations, protect your reputation.
  • How good is your currency? Relational Currency the most valuable.
    • Can you put your word on the line for others?
    • Be careful with your relationships and reputation
    • Build your credibility, capacity and your word. It will be valuable to you.
    • Be the Bridge for someone and someone will be the bridge for you.
  • Emotional Currency – the power of knowing when to say yes and know.
    • Listening is a powerful art.
    • Learn to be available to others in the area of your expertise.
  • Intellectual Currency – Your pain investment of time, energy and talent – don’t give it away! Use it as currency.
    • Intellectual – Your talents, gifts, accomplishments, experience and expertise. Your pain investment.
    • Intellectual Currency has tremendous financial value. it is a gift to be Develop it, market it, harvest it , manifest it and perfect it.
  • Personal Story Segment
    • Learn from those around you.

“Give in kind talent to organizations that mirror what you what.
Relationships take you to higher levels when you protect your word.”


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